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Shot the gun mamita! New Day-of-the-Dead-show. The Mariachis with glowing faces, fireworks, and gunpowder. The show is ready. Don’t seat back and enjoy it. Come to our show, drink a shot and jump the wall! 

Our UV light show is ready!

Name: EL GÜERO GUERRILLERO – Lead Singer, Band Leader, Creative Outlaw.

Biography: El Güero has always been a rebelious Mariachi at heart. He fired his first pistol at age 5. Curiosity: Güero technically means “blond” in Mexican Spanish, but it also refers to a light-skinned person.

Vocals: Lead, quite impresive. 

Weapon of choice: Guitar, cavaquinho, a bass drum if available.

Secret weapon: His rumba catalana.

Place of origin: Uncertain. Found in a pirogue going down the Amazon river.

Favourite drink: Ginger beer + tequila.


Our beloved guitarist enjoys a day off in Plaza Garibaldi doing what he does best; drinking tequila.

 Name: Caballero (occasionally: WHO TOOK MY DONKEY)

Biography: Caballero WTMD used to smuggle tekila and other goods accross the border of Chiapas, where he would sing corridos for the zapatistas. He once got an offer for a gig in the U.S. and not owning a passport didn’t stop him trying to cross the other border. He managed to jump over Trump’s wall… but his donkey didn’t. 

Vocals: Backing, sometimes lead. Could be worse. 

Weapon of choice: Guitar, bass, Peruvian cajon if in Peru.

Secret weapon: If under pressure, he will dance capoeira.

Place of origin: Belived to be from Chiapas, maybe Jalisco.

Favourite drink: Raw Tequila. With Rum.

Caballero enjoys a day off and pays a visit to the masters; Mariachis de Veracruz!

Mariachi PICANTE HABANERO directs the recording of Obsidiana

The song Obsidiana erupted out of a dream. She is The Goddess from our Mariachi island. We laid tribute to Her at Yam & Banana. Our dear Picante Habanero loves it!


Biography: A rogue trumpeter from the dead army of Pancho Villa, legend has it he could be to blame for composing ‘La Cucaracha’ after having tequila straight from a cactus. How many times have we tried to take that tune off our heads?  

Vocals: Backing, not too bad. He tends to be in tune.

Weapon of choice: Trumpet, cornet, wild goat’s horn. A maraca if available.

Secret weapon: Ask him to move his hips… 

Place of origin: Born in Habana, Cuba. Escaped via Mexico. 

Favourite drink: Cuba Libre with tequila on fire.