Our beloved guitarist enjoys a day off in Plaza Garibaldi doing what he does best; drinking tequila.

 Name: Caballero (occasionally: WHO TOOK MY DONKEY)

Biography: Caballero WTMD used to smuggle tekila and other goods accross the border of Chiapas, where he would sing corridos for the zapatistas. He once got an offer for a gig in the U.S. and not owning a passport didn’t stop him trying to cross the other border. He managed to jump over Trump’s wall… but his donkey didn’t. 

Vocals: Backing, sometimes lead. Could be worse. 

Weapon of choice: Guitar, bass, Peruvian cajon if in Peru.

Secret weapon: If under pressure, he will dance capoeira.

Place of origin: Belived to be from Chiapas, maybe Jalisco.

Favourite drink: Raw Tequila. With Rum.