The song Obsidiana erupted out of a dream. She is The Goddess from our Mariachi island. We laid tribute to Her at Yam & Banana. Our dear Picante Habanero loves it!


Biography: A rogue trumpeter from the dead army of Pancho Villa, legend has it he could be to blame for composing ‘La Cucaracha’ after having tequila straight from a cactus. How many times have we tried to take that tune off our heads?  

Vocals: Backing, not too bad. He tends to be in tune.

Weapon of choice: Trumpet, cornet, wild goat’s horn. A maraca if available.

Secret weapon: Ask him to move his hips… 

Place of origin: Born in Habana, Cuba. Escaped via Mexico. 

Favourite drink: Cuba Libre with tequila on fire.